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Yellowstone Country Guardians

Please check out the "Yellowstone Country Guardians"......... A great youth program that I had the privilege of donating a little of my guide time to. It was a joy, tying some flies and interacting with this wonderful group of young adults striving to improve and connect with each other and the natural wonders that surround us.
YCG Vision Statement:
The Yellowstone Country Guardians bring a powerful voice of hope and inclusivity to the lands and communities of Yellowstone Country. We are a place-based organization that inspires people to care for and love this region. Our deep sense of place and rootedness is engrained in the work we do and allows us to bring new and exciting ideas to Yellowstone Country and beyond.
Because we believe the fate of Yellowstone Country rests in the hands of its local communities, we invest in the area’s greatest asset—its youth. No one has more to lose from the despoilment of Yellowstone Country than the youth of this region; thus our youth-base…

Walter Wiese ties the Glass Head PT

Hey folks, just a quick note to let you know that our Head Guide Walter Wiese at Parks Fly Shop is at it again. He is uploading some of our custom fly ties on YouTube. Check out Wally's Glass Head PT. Pay special attention to his soft hackle technique, I use this handy little trick all the time now.

The Glass Haed PT can be fished dead drift or on the swing, give it a try!

Soft Hackle Technique:

Glass Head PT fly: