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My version of Barr's Graphic Caddis - I am tying a bunch of these in olive and tan, #14 and #16's. Pictured here is the olive version... I use pheasant after-shafts instead of ostrich herl for the collar. I think it's a better color and much more life like. I tie with lots of pheasant and save these aftershafts for this fly, scuds and my drake nymphs. Go try some as a dropper, they're killer!

Hook: MFCo. #7045 2x heavy scud #14
Bead: Black or Copper 3.0 mm, optional
Thread: Serafil 200 or uni 8/0
Rib: stretch magic in .5 mm/.019 in., wrapped over
Abdomen: tinsel Halo med., then colored with sharpie pen
Wing: olive grizzly “V” cut feather
Collar: after-shaft of pheasant, 3 turns on #14, 2 on #16.


  1. I bet I can spend some hours going through your posts!!! Great blog. Sometimes if I press the follow up top it does not work. I have to do it twice over 2 days :? But great blog and the follow will show up soon :)

  2. Dustin - thanks for your kind comment... I'm not sure about the follow button, that's a Goggle thing.


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