50th Birthday

Michelle celebrated her 50th birthday in Virginia.  We all went to a beautiful winery for lunch to enjoy wine and family time.  Then we were on to Old Town Winchester to walk around the mall area.  The weather here has been unbelievable - mid 80's and a slight breeze.  This is much better than the humid and hot weather at the beginning of the week.
A birthday lunch at Sunset Hills Vineyards.
Enjoying time with Russ, Shauna and Jackson.

Jackson was captivated by a street performer playing a guitar at Old Town Winchester.

55 On the Fly tying on the road.


  1. Ah that looks like the perfect tying set up right there. And that cheese...? :) Wow. Good stuff!

  2. e.m.b. --- Yup, my wife Michelle is 50 years old and still as cute as a button.... Oh yeah and the cheese was great too!


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