One Day Done!

We are sitting in a campground in Middlebury, Indiana.  Our plan was to boondock at a Walmart parking lot tonight but the 100 degree heat changed our plans very quickly.  We enjoyed the pool, are relaxing in the air conditioning, and planning our next day's travel in comfort.  It sure beats sitting on the asphalt and frying in that huge frying pan!
First of all, Michelle was an excellent co-pilot today:)  We rolled up and down the hills of PA and then across the entire state of Ohio.  We ran into quite a thunder and lightening storm in Ohio but it didn't last too long and it was fun to watch - sort of.
We are learning a lot about pulling an RV and camping.  First of all - don't forget and leave your travel coffee mugs on the counter of the RV when leaving in the morning.  Luckily one cup stayed put and the other fell into the sink!  And if you see something flapping in the wind from your RV, pull over and check it out.  Some of our weather stripping came out and it was remarkable that it did not come totally off.  It was an easy fix and we were on our way again.
The heat is crazy!!  Each time I got gas - which was often with 8 mpg - I worked up quite a sweat.  Stella is such a good traveler.  She is happy to be in her crate in the AC but even happier to explore a new campsite.  Tomorrow we are off to Jackson Minnesota - about 9 hours on the road.


  1. Safe travels to you. My folks live in Nebraska and they've been having heat advisories and such for the past week. Living in Colorado, I must say, I don't miss the humidity!

  2. Thanks e.m.b., great blog by the way..... Catch a few for me! I won't be on the water till the 23rd or 24th in Yellowstone National Park.... stay tuned.


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