Sightseeing and Fish Catching

Today we drove through the northern part of the park.  We went by Canyon Village and then on to Artist Point.  This is considered the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and is amazing.  The picture below doesn't really show how high we were or how majestic it really is.  In years past we have been there at just the right time to see a rainbow in the mist of the falls - a real privilege.  We also stopped at a little known hidden mud pot and you can see a few second video below.  They are cool things but smell of sulphur.  It is surprising how much elk sign you see around them but maybe they don't mind the odor.
We also fished this morning at Cascade Creek and caught some fish there.  Many of them were fairly small but we both caught many nice cutthroats.    

One of God's wonders - Artist Point.  We actually saw several artists trying to capture the beauty.

The first catch of the day - a little cutthroat.

Doug's first catch on this tight little stretch of the stream.

The cutthroat are beautiful in this little stream.

Here are 3-4 seconds of the mud pot action that we saw today.  These things are bubbling 24/7 - as Doug always says.


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