Fishing Soda Butte Creek

Today we drove out to Lamar Valley and fished in Soda Butte Creek.  We fished fairly close to the road as it was Doug's first day back in action after spraining his ankle, which he says is feeling better but it looks worse, black and blue-awful.  

The Lamar Valley is one of my favorite places to visit but the fishing was not the best today.  There were many people fishing there and the fish just weren't in the mood.  They were there but were fussy on fly selection.  We did best with caddis imitations and just enjoyed being back out on the water.  We fished for about three hours and then drove down to another spot to take a break and look for some wildlife.  We didn't see much there but is was so nice to sit and just marvel in the beauty of our surroundings.  As we drove out of the park we saw a coyote, a fox carrying its dinner, two black bear and then a grizzly bear far in the distance.  When we got home it was time for a beer and then some dinner.  A good day all in all. ~Michelle

Doug's nice cutthroat caught on Korn's Spent-wing Caddis fly.

The fish were there but the fishing was slow today.

Just one of the splendid views that we could look at while fishing.

We sat here for about an hour just looking over the mountains and looking for wildlife.  We saw an osprey on a nest and some antelope.

A black bear running across the bridge over the Yellowstone River.  He was following a car so I guess they can say that they were chased by a bear in YNP:)

Another black bear sighting as we headed for home.


  1. Doesn't look like much fishing got done from that chair

  2. That bear is on a mission! Nice fish...a biggie :)


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