Hayden Valley

Hayden Valley is in the southern part of YNP and a beautiful place to go to see wide open spaces and wildlife.  Well, we saw plenty of space but not much wildlife.  The gorgeous scenery made up for it and we had a great day.  We stopped at Canyon Village and checked out a small museum there along with the gift shops.  Of course we had to get an ice cream cone too!
This is a view near Tower Falls area.  There is a river way down at the bottom of the canyon.  The rock formations are so varied and unique.

A view of Hayden Valley.
We saw a grizzly bear from the road and that is about as close as I care to get!
Here is one of the tour buses that will take you through the park.

This view is near Mt. Washburn.  We were so high up and could see for miles!  Notice the burned trees in the foreground from the 1988 fire.  The forest areas are reseeding themselves and the new trees are getting taller.  We are fortunate to be here at this time since five or six years from now these new trees will grow up and obstruct many of the wonderful views from the roads.

On our way out of the park we finally saw some sheep that had come down to take a drink from the Gardner River.

We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset back at the campground.


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