Monday, September 12, 2011

Korn's Deer Hair Emerger

Korn's Deer Hair Emerger- tied by Doug Korn

Great fly for spring creeks.  It sets low in water and shines during a hatch.

Hook: MFC scud light wire #14-18 for BWO, PMD 

Thread: Serifil 200 tan or UNi - 8/0
Tail: amber zelon 
Body: just thread wraps over zelon or dubbing to match.
Thorax: BWO olive dubbing or PMD.
Wing: mule deer hair
Head: deer hair butts
Note: add floatant to thorax and deer hair only...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pheasant Tail Caddis Pupa

Well, I'm back from vacation and back in the saddle tying some flies.  Here are two photo's of my tie of Davie Mc Phail's PT Caddis Pupa a great fly for the creeks here in NY or anywhere else you have caddis flies.

side view ~ notice the bug bond set on the wingcase, giving the appearance that the fly is ready to bust open.

top view

Pheasant Tail Caddis Pupa by Davie McPhail

You can see Davie tie it here:

My Pattern list:
Hook: Scud type #14
Weight: 10-12 wraps of lead or copper wire (I use the wire)
Thread: Camel brown in 8/0
Rib: dark brown flexy floss
Abdomen: peacock herl dyed yellow
Wingcase and Legs: pheasant tail fibers 10-12, tied with the tips a hook length over the eye.  Dub thorax and pull butts of PT over the top to form wingcase, fold legs back, tie small head, whip finish.
Thorax: brown dubbing
Bubble: bug bond