Out for a Scout...

I went for a scout today to check out a new piece of land to turkey hunt.

I took along some toys to play with, from top to bottom: Richard Hudson Hen Box Snakewood over Spalted Pecan and my own Osage Trumpet and crow call...

What a great morning I had. Sunny and almost 65 degrees.... I was scouting a new area and slowly worked along the edges of it, lots of glassing the fields and looking for sign, but not seeing much.... I got to a likely looking corner of the field and woods and crow called into the woods.... nothing.... So, I sat down and had a snack and a cup of coffee, just enjoying the day. I had been sitting there about 30 minutes or so and decided to give my Hudson box a run and sent out a series of sweet old hen yelps.... A couple of clucks was my reward, from a hen not very far away..... I sent out a second series of yelps and got a reply yelp and then spotted the hen coming down the edge of the field coming right to me. I froze with no mask or gloves and a steaming cup of coffee by my side as I sat with my back up against a tree...... She came in to ten yards and then walked along looking for the hen down thru the woods.... yelping as she went. Well, we have at least one bird here I thought to myself, that's a good sign. After a while I moved on to the far side of the property.

At the far side of the of the property the woods meets a swamp and creek bed. I sat down on a fallen log and took out my osage trumpet that I had just made a few weeks ago. I sent out a few clucks and yelps as I leaned back against a tree and then heard a faint cluck in return.  Then another series of clucks, I clucked back and she yelped.  I yelped and then saw her coming, walking and looking for the hen she had heard. She was coming from my left looking intently for me...... She came to within 8 yards and kee-kee'd, yelp, yelp, yelp..... standing right in front of me. She then circled looking and walking a step or two and yelping and kee-keeing all over the place..... She walked all around me yelping and looking for the hen she just couldn't find...jumping up on logs and looking almost in a panic for a full 10 minutes or more..... what fun.... I think I'll be back here at some point in the season and see if we can find a gobbler!  Enjoy your hunts folks....


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