Wildlife & Wild Fires...

     We set out for an afternoon drive down through Lamar Valley to Barronette Peak to look for mountain goats.  Using the binoculars and spotting scope we were able to find and watch five goats.  There were two adults and three kids - a nice family.  It was amazing to see how high they were and the ease with which they moved around on the side of a stoney mountain.  We sadly did not get any photos since they would have been tiny white dots in the frame.
     As we came back through Lamar Valley we spotted a bald eagle.  Michelle went out for a closer look and was treated to a graceful fly over after leaving it's perch.

A huge bison on our way to Lamar Valley.

Just over the mountains from Lamar Valley is the Buffalo fire.

The flames were often visible and frequently shot up into the sky.  Smoke soon filled the Lamar Valley casting an eerie feel.

The view from our campsite is a bit smokey due to another fire near Fawn Pass.  As we ate dinner we noticed small bits of ash falling around us.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Glad you saw the goats. We're sorry to hear about the Buffalo fire...hopefully it will be contained soon...

  2. Hi Donna - We had some rain storms last night.... and even a bit of hail... Hopefully that has helped all of the fires in the area. I hope your journey's have been fun since you left us.... Just a couple more days here and then we head for home.... Doug.

  3. We're enjoying the cool weather, along with some showers. Safe travels home...Hi to Michelle...Donna


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