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New Web Site

Walter Wiese - head guide at Parks Fly Shop, introduces the new PFS web site he designed and built. I think he did a great job, go check it out!
Walter on the Yellowstone River
New website by Walter WieseParks' Fly Shop now has a brand-new and super-snazzy site! Still at, but all other addresses have changed. Much of the information is the same, but some new things have been added, hatch charts and other fishing information have been updated, and the names and descriptions of our new flies for 2011 have been posted (still waiting on pics).
We're pushing private water trips much more for 2011, especially early and late in the year. The Paradise Valley spring creeks and private lakes in the area simply produce bigger fish and often more early in the season, and the lakes fish well all day in the fall, when the Yellowstone will only turn out an occasional pig in the AM but fishes well with dries in midafternoon at this time. Check the site for details, and let…