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Finally got out to fish today!

It was a cold morning with far too many fisherman on the stream today... Doesn't anybody work anymore?

PFS White Bugger an early season favorite!

I've been sitting here tying a bunch of these white buggers as the rain continues to pour down outside.  It's been raining almost non-stop for two full days with more rain on the way for tomorrow.  Needless to say the rivers are blown out and will be un-fishable for a while...  But, when those creeks start to fall and the water is just starting to clear, that's when I like to fish this fly for the big boys.  With days of high water, fast current and the poor visibility the fish are going to be hungry, can you say; "Happy Meal".

materials list: hook: 3xl streamer size #8  thread: Uni white 6/0 tail: white marabou plume  body: Hareline speckled chenille pearl/white over marabou to build body. hackle: white bugger