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Tying Grobert's Sulphur Emerger/Cripple

Hi folks:

Today I'm tying up some flies to use on my local creek for imitating the Sulphur Mayflies that are hatching in my area now.  Matt Grobert along with Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions happen to put up a new video on his web site and I loved the fly so much I thought I'd tie up a few... Here are some photo's of my tie and the link to Matt's video and material list, enjoy.

Trip Report 11 May 2012

Hit the Creek for some early morning action.   I caught the 8:30 am. Sulphur hatch and the browns a plenty!

My buddies kill birds!


Fly tying - Hendrickson and Blue Quill CDC Emergers

Tying a few flies for next time on the Delaware.  Easy CDC emergers tied on some nice vintage Mustad Viking 9548A hooks.

Hendrickson Emerger,  size #12
Thread: MFC light olive 6/0 Body Color - pink/olive dubbing
Wing Color - CDC medium Dun, length of hook Legs - CDC butts
Shuck - needloft yarn amber 

Blue Quill Emerger, size #16 Thread - Danville dark brown 6/0 Body Color - thread over shuck material,  dark brown, sparse thread wraps. Wing Color - CDC medium-dark Dun, length of hook Legs - CDC butts  Shuck - needloft yarn gray