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Hi folks - 55 On the Fly here with my "Bird in the hand" Kuska.  It's made of basswood and has an antler toggle that is attached with braided deer sinew. The cup is the first Kuska I have ever made and was finished with pure tung oil.  It should go nicely with my hand made spoons.

BWO Spinner in size #22

I've been tying a bunch of these little buggers lately...

Depending on the number of insects on the surface of the water, I like to fish this mayfly spinner as a dropper fly both on the surface and below.  I like to go the opposite.  If there are a lot of insects floating spent on the surface, then I fish this fly as a drowned BWO.  If there are only a few mayfly spinners on the surface, then I float this fly.  I don't want my fly to compete with the hundreds of real spinners available, I want the odds in my favor, so should you!

materials list: hook: size #22 dry thread: MFC olive 8/0 tails: micro brush fibers body: MFC olive thread 8/0 wings: Needloft yarn in white - which will be a reflective clear in the water. thorax: DK#4 olive dubbing

Barr's Vis-a-Dun in Blue Dun

Great fly for the Delaware River...

Materials list:
Hook: MFC Dry #7000 in size 16
Thread: Danville 6/0 in olive/brown
Tails: Micro dun color fibers from paint brush
Wings: Needloft Yarn in gray dun
Body: DK#11 gun metal blue-gray dubbing
Hackle: med. dun

note: cut "v" in bottom of hackle