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Hit the creek again today...

Caught a bunch of trout.  With an over night rain and gentle temps this morning the trout were hungry and the fishing was easy other than the howling wind which made for some tricky casting...

Sorry for the same old, same old photos but when you fish alone and are standing in the middle of the creek with high winds you only have a few options for photos...

The fly of the day -  Harrop's Turkey Tail Nymph, I caught 90% of my fish on this dropper.  I fished a black Neversink on top...  I believe they were taking them as stone flies.

See them here:

75 degrees today? In March? I gotta go fish'in!


More Browns "On the Fly"

The "Fire Fly" was effective again today.  Here are some photos...

Fire Fly by Aaron Jasper, step-by-step

Fire Fly tied (my version) and photographed by Doug Korn

materials list:
Hook: scud heavy wire, #12-14
Bead: 6/0 Toho flo. orange glass bead
Thread: Serafil 120
Tail and Body: pheasant tail
Rib: 28 ga. copper wire
Thorax: peacock bronze dubbing of choice

B-day Fishing

Today was a very nice fishing trip.  Our son Scott is here visiting us for his Birthday which happens to be today...  So with all the warmer weather we have been having this winter I encouraged him to bring his fishing gear with him.  This morning it was still 59 degrees out at 7 am. --- but the weather forecast was for some rain and dropping temps throughout the day so we decided to head out early rather than later.  It turned out to be a good move and I was quickly into a good fish right away.  Scott's a good fisherman and we managed to catch both some big and some small browns...  We caught some rain too but nothing that made us give-it-up...   I was the lucky guy today catching two nice brown trout, a 16 and a 17 incher, outstanding fish for this creek where 12 incher's are good fish...

At noon we quit and headed for our local burger joint.  A wonderful day... Anytime spent with your son is great but none better than on some good water enjoying our time together.

Tying Tip - could save you a big mess...

If your like me and worry about spilling your head cement, well here's a tip.  Over the years I've spilled my head cement more than once and it makes a huge mess.  Both times I bumped it with my arm/hand and over she went....  These bottles tend to be relatively tall and narrow and it doesn't take much to send them tumbling.

I use a Griff's bottle that's 3 inches tall and 1 1/4 inches square for my head cement.  I found that a plastic half gallon milk jug was just about the right size for the fix.  I cut the top section off (see photo) and slid it down over the bottle with the plastic conforming nicely to the jar.  This gives the bottle a much wider profile at the base and helping to prevent any future mishaps...

CDC Loop Wing Emerger #16 Blue Wing Olive

CDC Loop Wing Emerger #16 Blue Wing Olive - fish it in the film during a hatch and hang on!

Hook: MFC #7000 Dry Fly #16-20
Thread: Lt. Olive Uni 8/0
Tail: CDL
Body: DK#2 - Snapdragon dubbing
Loop Wing: one CDC natural colored feather
Thorax: DK#4 - Olive dubbing