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Korn's Mother's Day Caddis

Timing is everything with this western hatch, but if you are lucky enough to hit it... this is a killer pattern.

Hook: MFC 7022 2x long size 8 Thread: Serafil 200, tan Rib: tag end of thread Abdomen: Amber dry fly dubbing with a touch of UV ice dub inserted in a split thread and spun Palmered hackle: ginger rooster neck, over sized to help float the rear of the hook, trim top. Wing: 2 hen pheasant wing or neck feathers, tied flat Hackle: ginger rooster saddle

 ... tied and photographed by Doug Korn 

Rubber Legs Stonefly Nymph by John Scott

My friend John Scott over on FAOL forum has a great Rubber Legs Stonefly Nymph* pattern that is a killer out west... I have great luck with it as does John...  I have scaled it down for here in NY to a size #14.  Just another stone to throw at them, simple to tie and different enough from what most folks are using around here.

*see John's step-by-step here:


Little Stones

Our son Scott and his fiancee Erin were visiting us this weekend.  He lives and fishes in and around the Endicott, NY area.  We were tying up some turkey tail nymphs for him to use because he's been seeing some small winter stones while fishing... The last time I was out fishing on 2/9/12, I saw a few of our small stone flies on the creek too.  It won't be long before they are out in earnest.  So, tie some up and be ready for them.

Here are two nymphs that I like.

Korn's Oatka Stone Nymph (soft-hackle)

Hook: #14 - 1xl nymph
Thread: 8/0 Uni Black
Tail & Body: turkey tail
Rib: small copper wire
Thorax: black dubbing
Soft-hackle: iridescent turkey neck feather

Rene Harrop's Turkey Tail Nymph

Hook: #14 - 1xl nymph
Thread: 8/0 Uni Black
Tail, Body, wingcase, thorax and legs: turkey tail
Rib: small copper wire

Round Two - instant replay...

Hit the creek again this morning..... this pool provided some lively action!

Nice brown here caught on a translucent orange Fire Fly.

This run doesn't look like much but is one of my favorites... Why? Because it produces fish!

Go on get out there and getch-ya some!

First outing of the year!

I got out for a couple of hours this morning.  It was about 40 degrees and very windy, but hey, I was out fishing!

The water was a bit high and fast but I managed to find some fish in the slower water along the edges...

Nymphing with my St Croix 5wt. and the fly of the day?  No, doubt the Fire Fly...

BRF - 2012 Midge Soft Hackle Emerger

Craig Mathews at Blue Ribbon Flies has come up with a nice winter time midge emerger.  
See him tie it here:

Inspired by Craig, I got some "combo thread" from BRF and tied the #18's shown here... Simple to tie and just as effective I'm sure.  I hope to put this new fly to the test next week here in NY...  

My materials list: Hook: 18-20 std. wet fly Thread: BRF - Combo thread 6/0 black/red for body  Tail: zelon amber or grey Thorax: black zelon or rabbit dubbing Wing: Ruff Grouse “V” tied soft-hackle style with wraps walking the fibers around the shaft.  I like my soft-hackle a little longer than Craig... tie 'em as you like 'em.