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Apple Caddis - Spent-wing

Hi folks - it's been a while since I posted a fly. But today, after tying up a bunch of flies for Parks Fly Shop, I had some time to tie a few Apple Caddis for my local waters. This fly is especally good on the West Branch of the Delaware River where these flies hatch in abundance. See my "Korn's Spruce Moth" video on YouTube for tying and fishing instructions, then just switch up the materials for the caddis on your streams.

Materials list:
#14 & 16 Dry Fly Hooks (this is a #16)
Olive thread
Butt section: Chartreuse GSS dubbing
Mid/Thorax section: Tan dubbing
Wings: Two Pheasant wing feathers, stacked and then folded back over for the head.
Legs: Red Fox Squirrel dubbing