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Snowshoe Apple Caddis Dry Fly

This Snowshoe Apple Caddis, with a slightly heavier hook, sits low in the water looking hurt and vulnerable.  You can add a trailing shuck like a Clacka Caddis... In fact I like the snowshoe hare wing better than a wing of Zelon or Widow's web of the Clacka.

materials list:
hook: size #16 wet fly, 1x short, 1x strong thread: tan Serafil 200/2 back 2/3rds of the body: DK#3 Apple Green front 1/3rd of the body: DK#15 Oatmeal (tan) wing: natural snowshoe hare hackle: light ginger over sparsely dubbed thorax trimmed on bottom.

Go take a hike!

Folks, if the eyes on my fly rod will freeze up, then it's too cold for me to go fishing.  So instead, I go take a hike!  

Took a hike on some state land here in NY. The primary goal for today was to see if I could find some "fat wood". I had a little stand of pines in mind and it didn't disappoint me.

Pack and gear for this trip...

A nice downed pine with partial root exposure had just what I was looking for and the G&B axe chopped out several nice sized chunks of it. 

The good news is there's plenty more there for the future in that one tree.

After stowing the fat wood I hiked through some hardwoods and up a steep hill. I then noticed some deer tracks in the trail ahead and they looked very fresh.... As I exited the woods and broke into a small field I turned and peeked over the hill to find two deer standing there looking back at me. I managed to snap this photo with my point and shoot.... 

I hiked for some time and ended up in an area I deer hunted once this pa…

Out for a "walk-a-bout".

Hit the hardwoods here in NY today for a hike and some breakfast in the forest. It was 25 degrees with the snow a bit deeper than I had hoped as I had forgotten my snowshoes. I knew I would forget something... Anyway, I made my way through the 8-10 inches of snow into a nice valley out of the wind and along a nice little creek.

I had gathered some cherry bark for fire starter and soon had a good little fire started.

Cowboy Coffee and Skogkniv Oatmeal (that's oatmeal made with strong coffee)... 
Yeah it's really good!

All and all a nice morning with six turkeys and one deer sighted as a bonus... Cheers!