Snowshoe Apple Caddis Dry Fly

This Snowshoe Apple Caddis, with a slightly heavier hook, sits low in the water looking hurt and vulnerable.  You can add a trailing shuck like a Clacka Caddis... In fact I like the snowshoe hare wing better than a wing of Zelon or Widow's web of the Clacka.

Snowshoe Apple Caddis
tied and photographed by Doug Korn

bottom view
materials list:
hook: size #16 wet fly, 1x short, 1x strong
thread: tan Serafil 200/2
back 2/3rds of the body: DK#3 Apple Green
front 1/3rd of the body: DK#15 Oatmeal (tan)
wing: natural snowshoe hare
hackle: light ginger over sparsely dubbed thorax trimmed on bottom. 


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