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Easy Mayfly Wings

This is my attempt to explain the wing tie-in method on the March Brown Vis-A-Dun that I tied in my last post.  Ya know pictures are worth a 1000 words... clear as mud... right?
Now, I'm not sure how John Barr does it but....... here's how I tie them.
Here you can see the wing tie-in. A single piece of yarn is pulled up from underneath on both sides of the hook shank and held upright, then posted up with minimal wraps, just 3 wraps up and 3 wraps down to form the post with a wrap in front and back. Nothing is done to split the wings they just end up that way.... you can also add a drop of superglue to the post if you like.
This is the same set of wings cut to length. Give it a try and see how you do. It's a very easy and quick way to make wings.

Hope that helps, let me know what you think...
Doug... a.k.a. 55dougie

Barr's Vis-A-Dun in March Brown

For most of my mayfly duns I tie a Barr's Vis-A-Dun.  It's a great thorax type pattern and one of my favorite's.  Whether in a BWO size #18 or this March Brown in size #12 it's highly effective.

I even tie my Adam's in this pattern!

Materials List:
Hook: MFC 7000 #12 Thread: 6/0 Danville in olive/brown Tail: Coq De Leon Rib: brown floss Wing: Brown Copper Needloft yarn or Zelon Hackle: Brown/olive grizzly in open turns, 3 behind wing and 3 in front Abdomen: DK#13 tan dubbing Thorax: DK#13 tan dubbing note: cut "v" in bottom of hackle

March Brown's ~ the time is coming!

Korn's EMT Loop Wing Emerger is my version of a foam loop emerger tied by several other people,  like Blue Ribbon Flies Craig Mathews and the late Dave Lewis, to name a couple.

EMT stands for "Emerging Mayfly for Trout".  I tie this fly in three drake colors as-well-as several other colors like this March Brown and smaller sizes for BWO's and PMD's.  To fish the fly properly only grease the front hackle and foam loop.  This allows the rear of the hook to penetrate the surface film. You can also see my video on YouTube (see the side bar) to tie this very effective fly pattern.