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Got Spruce Moths?

Hi folks it's been a while since I last posted on the blog --- you know; Holidays, kids, grand-kids and tying flies..... In fact, I've been tying my little fingers off.

Most recently, Spruce Moths, lots of them 40 dozen #14's for the shop. These flies are an absolute must have when fishing in Yellowstone Country. The spruce trees lining the rivers and creeks we fish are unfortunately infested with lots of Spruce Moths. If you've ever been out West you know that winds come up every afternoon and blow these moths into the creeks and the fish key on them. They just love-em like candy. In fact, when the fish are on them they won't take anything else. If you don't have some of these in your fly box and are going to be fishing out West this summer or early fall, you need to tie some up. Fish them as a dropper on the dead drift using the top fly as an indicator. Here's the pattern.

Korn’s Spruce Moth Hook: 14-18, std. dry Thread: Serafil 200 tan Rib: tag end of t…