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Wild Turkey, marinated, rubbed, wrapped and smoked.

Oh Yeah...

Hickory Trumpet Turkey Call

DK Trumpet Turkey call made of Hickory, an antiqued .410 Brass ferrule and a Delrin mouth piece.... for more information and available calls see:

Cherry Creek Trumpet

DK Trumpet Turkey call made from Cherry Creek N.Y. Osage with a .410 Brass ferrule and a Delrin mouth piece.... This one's for my hunting buddy Jim... Yeah, it sounds as good as it looks.

Trumpet Turkey Call

Hi folks,

Today I knocked out a Lignum Vitae (very dense hardwood) Trumpet Turkey Call. This call was made mainly to work on the internal geometry and design of the sound chambers. The call sounds great and I think we have a winner. The outside design-shape on this call is plain-Jane but can vary with little to no effect on the sound. I'll be making a couple of fancier versions of this trumpet design  in the next few weeks to put into my store. You can see  them here:

I hope all of my fellow turkey hunters out there are having a great and safe hunting season.....

2nd bird down... tagged out in NY.

Called in this nice 8" long beard using my Scott Witter box call and one of my own DK trumpet calls. This fine bird closes out my Spring season... Lots of good eating and fly tying materials for the future.

Old double beard down.

Opening Day of Turkey Season.

I called in four hens a Jake, this gobbler and another long beard. I shot the strutter a big old bird with a double beard. A great morning for sure.