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EMT Loop Wing Emerger - green drake

I have been busy at the bench lately tying Green Drake EMT Loop Wing Emergers.  EMT stands for "Emerging Mayfly for Trout".   This fly is tied by several others including Craig Mathews and the late Dave Lewis.   I'm not sure who originated it, but this is my version.

I also did a little "practice" video with my new camera that I've attached.  This is raw un-edited video so keep that in mind.

Enjoy tying some up, fish them with just some floatant on the hackle and foam.

A great fly anywhere you have drakes.  I tie them in green, brown and gray.  I even tie smaller versions for PMD's, BWO's, Hendrickson's, etc..

Materials List:
Hook: MFC 7026 or 7076 #12-14 Thread: Danville 6/0 - olive Shuck: Needloft yarn - amber Rib: Krystal Flash - rootbeer Loop Wing: 2mm craft foam - gray Hackle: Olive Grizzly, trimmed and v-cut on the bottom.

Trip Report 4/19

The fish took a bit of everything today.... I saw Midges, Hendricksons, Quill Gordons and maybe even a few Sulphers???...

tying the Neversink a step-by-step

This fly is a great all-round Caddis Fly imitation as-well-as; Stone Fly, Golden Stone and Yellow Sally.  Just change the colors of the thread, foam and hackle.  

Materials List: Hook: 1xl nymph #12-18 this is a 14. Thread: Danville 6/0
Body: black craft foam 2 mm Wing: deer hair Hackle: Rooster Badger

The Delaware

My son Scott and I took a little road trip to the Delaware River for a few days of fly fishing.  The Delaware is about 3.5 hours from my house and about an hour from Scott's.  We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and fished all day Wednesday and then headed back home on Thursday afternoon.  The first thing we did was check in at Border Water Outfitters in Hancock, NY to get the latest on the hatches and pick up a few of the local hot flies.  We talked to Jim "Coz" Costolnick the owner.  He said the two main hatches going on were the Apple Caddis and the Hendrickson... Wow, was he right, the river was blanketed at times with bugs!  Good for the fish but bad for us as our flies got lost in the crowd.  I did manage to take one nice brown on a Korn's Spent-wing Parachute Caddis even though the wind was howling.   Scott had a take on a Hendrickson but the fish broke him off.  With rising fish all around, switching up the flies and few takes --- it can be very frustrating fishi…

Simi-Seal Leech - a test video

Well folks I have ventured into the world of making my own fly tying videos.

This is my first attempt at a video.  It's raw unedited footage.  I have a new camera and I'm just trying to get things operating correctly, so you could say this is only a test...  Creating the video, uploading it and all is a bit of a challenge for me.  But I'm sure with more practice and some good editing software the videos will get better with each go-round...

If you want to check it out go here:

Remember be kind I'm new to producing videos... TL, 55dougie

Korn's La-A Mayfly

Korn's La-A Mayfly is a thorax dun with the wings of an Angel --- This fly is dedicated to a special Angel of mine.  It was specifically designed for the Spring Creeks of the East but will surely work wherever there are Mayflies to be found.  Change the color to tie variations such as; Hendrickson's, Sulphers, PMD's, BWO's or even an Adams....

tied and photographed by Doug Korn

Hook: Vintage Mustad Limerick 1921 #12, which is about a #14 1x-short in today’s sizes.  Nice hook because it has the shank of a #16 and the gap of a 14. Thread: 8/0 Uni color of choice Tails: CDL flared with one wrap under Wing: grey craft foam 2mm cut square Abdomen: dubbing of choice Hackle: ginger rooster saddle, 2 turns behind wing and 2 in front. Thorax: dubbing of choice
note: trim 'v' notch on bottom of hackle

Catch of the day!

This guy took the Korn's Worm and I got several others on the Turkey Tail Black Stone. I even caught a few on top...  Cold out there today 40 degrees, but sunny... all-n-all a good day.

tying my version of Walt's Worm a step-by-step

My version of Walt's Worm is a bit different than most, I think I'll call it the "Korn's Worm".  I have tried to incorporate Frank Sawyer's - Killer Bug and Walt Young's - Walt's Worm, taking the best from both.  I use the tying method of Young and materials from Sawyer. Here in PA and NY this fly is a proven trout taker. It imitates a bunch of flies: crane fly larva, grubs, cased caddis, etc... 
Hook: 1xl nymph #12-16
Thread: tan Serafil 200 or 6/0 Uni
Weight: 28 ga. copper wire Note: copper wire is used as it was on Sawyer's Killer Bug.  In the sunlight when wet the copper will show through.... so they say - I just know it works and I wouldn't change it!
Body: Patons Classic Wool Natural Mix (00229) yarn made into dubbing. Note: the Patons yarn is a very good substitute for Chadwick's 477-wool with was used in Sawyers Killer Bug.  Or you can use Hareline Hares Ear Plus #1 or #7.

A very simple fly to tie...

Cold Creek today...

My son Scott just got a brand new Orvis Clearwater 9' 5wt. 4pc. rod.... This rod has been totally redesigned with an all new profile and rod tapers taken from the Helios line --- a real beauty.

That inspired me to fish my 1986 Orvis Graphite "Spring Creek" 9' 5wt. 4pc. rod today.  Sweet rod and we had some fun on the water.... nothing big but I caught fish on both the dry and the dropper all morning long....

Fly of the day: Neversink Black

rite bobbin --- a review

Being a commercial fly tier, time is money!  Using poorly made and ineffective tools can be frustrating and very time consuming...

The other day I was having a lot of trouble with a couple of my "new and cheap" bobbins.  One had a nick or burr  somewhere in the tube and the thread would break repeatedly no matter how slight the tension and I couldn't find or fix the problem...  Finally I gave up and switched to the other "new" bobbin and that wasn't any better.  No matter how I tried I couldn't get the thread tension adjusted to my liking and one of the legs had a bad twist in it such that the hub would not set flush to the spool.  Yeah, I got them cheap but in the end I paid the price, junk!  I was so mad that I just through them in the trash.  I should have known better.

I've had my share of bobbins over the years and I've had quality and thread tension problems with most of them.  It was time for a change.  With fly tying tools, like most to…