rite bobbin --- a review

Being a commercial fly tier, time is money!  Using poorly made and ineffective tools can be frustrating and very time consuming...

The other day I was having a lot of trouble with a couple of my "new and cheap" bobbins.  One had a nick or burr  somewhere in the tube and the thread would break repeatedly no matter how slight the tension and I couldn't find or fix the problem...  Finally I gave up and switched to the other "new" bobbin and that wasn't any better.  No matter how I tried I couldn't get the thread tension adjusted to my liking and one of the legs had a bad twist in it such that the hub would not set flush to the spool.  Yeah, I got them cheap but in the end I paid the price, junk!  I was so mad that I just through them in the trash.  I should have known better.

I've had my share of bobbins over the years and I've had quality and thread tension problems with most of them.  It was time for a change.  With fly tying tools, like most tools, you get what you pay for and I never paid more than $10 or so for a bobbin.
Half Hitch Mag

It was time to try the rite bobbin.  A little pricey I thought --- but again, you get what you pay for, right?  So, I decided to buy two of the "Half Hitch Mag" rite bobbins and I'm so glad I did.  Bottom line, these bobbins are great!  They are easy to use and the precise thread control is like butter, not to mention the half hitch function.  I've had them in constant use for over a week and have not had a single problem or thread tension control issue...  I think I'll get a couple of the ceramic tube rite bobbins next...

These bobbins are a JOY to use.
Half Hitch feature?  See the demo video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4f8uJssaV0k

Note: I have no affiliation with the Merco Co. or rite bobbins, I'm just a guy trying to tie a quality fly; neatly, simply and quickly.... Doug.

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