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Home waters here in Gardiner...

On the Gardiner River with my buddy Ben a fellow guide from a few years ago... We got into some nice browns in deep holes.... Nymphing isn't my favorite way to fish but results do speak volumes... We caught 14 lost a few and only fished the morning, then we were off to the "Two Bit Saloon" for a breakfast burrito. It was a cold morning of fishing, fall is coming quickly.

A Butte.... of a day...

It was a good day on Soda Butte Creek... Michelle and I got into them big time and had a ball... Here's a few of the Cutthroat trout we caught.

Photo Series

Here's my wife Michelle standing in some very fast water, making a series of long casts to slack water near the rock face. She is casting over the fast water, then high sticking it and landing a fish. Yeah, she's good.

Second Meadow Slough Creek

My good friend Bruce and I hiked into the second meadow of Slough Creek yesterday. We had good early action on Caddis flies and Spruce Moths. Bruce caught his first Cutthroat Trout and missed a few other fish. I had a good day, picking up several big Cutthroats. I fished an old Orvis Graphite Spring Creek 9' 5wt. a favorite dry fly rod. Of course the scenery was fantastic and the company was great.

Cast Aways

Friends, Bruce and Laurie with Michelle and I in the high country...Just "casting the time away" having fun... catching a few. It was Laurie's first time fly fishing and she did great.

Montana Blue Line

I found a little blue line of water at 7000' of elevation to play with here in Montana... What a great morning. I got out early trying to beat the predicted 98 degree heat. Lots of bugs, mostly caddis flies and spruce moths among the brush and spruce trees. I caught lots of fish. Cutthroats, Cutt-bows, Browns and some Rainbows... There were some big fish in this tight, boulder ridden little stream. I landed 3 fish over 12 inches and about 20 or so overall.... Fun stuff.

Fly Rod - Shane Grey 6' 10" 3wt. & Hardy reel
Flies - UK Bomber and Elk Hair Caddis

Floating the Yellowstone...

My very good friend Ben and I floated the Yellowstone River today. What a glorious trip it was, great fellowship, scenery and fishing. Ben is a local guide and he and I guided together for Parks Fly Shop. Ben rowed today and I did all the fishing, what a deal. The last time we floated together was in 2016. We also had Wilson along with us then. A great friend and fellow guide. I had fished with Wilson for a couple years and then he took my guide spot when I left the shop. In 2016 he was sick with cancer and it was the last time we fished together. We lost him last year. This trip was in memory of Wilson Eich.

I had wonderful day... thanks Ben, for everything.