Montana Blue Line

I found a little blue line of water at 7000' of elevation to play with here in Montana... What a great morning. I got out early trying to beat the predicted 98 degree heat. Lots of bugs, mostly caddis flies and spruce moths among the brush and spruce trees. I caught lots of fish. Cutthroats, Cutt-bows, Browns and some Rainbows... There were some big fish in this tight, boulder ridden little stream. I landed 3 fish over 12 inches and about 20 or so overall.... Fun stuff.

Fly Rod - Shane Grey 6' 10" 3wt. & Hardy reel
Flies - UK Bomber and Elk Hair Caddis


  1. Doug, now there is a stream I could fall in love with.
    Well done.

    1. Yes Alan, this one is right up your alley. I enjoy fishing these blue lines a lot. This one was a workout with many big dead falls and boulders. But the reward was some very beautiful fish and scenery. Thanks for following the blog and commenting, Doug.


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