Broken... hearted.

Very sad to report that my rebuilt Kingfisher bamboo fly rod tip section broke today. I had caught a nice size Cutthroat for the first catch with rod tip #2. I had used my shorter rod tip #1 last time out with no problems. I hooked into a nice Brown and he got some current and snap, the tip section breaks right at the ferrule. Heartbreaking after all the work I had put into rebuilding this old fly rod. Well at least the old girl had died in battle as we still managed to land the Brown Trout. I hope to repair it when I get back home.

I almost always carry a spare rod with me and today was no exception. An Orvis Hydros 9' 6wt. So, I strung it up and kept on fishing. I caught several more Browns, Cutthroats and a Cutt-bow. After a nice stream side lunch I caught one more Brown trout and then headed for home with a dark rain storm brewing in the Southwest.

Yellowstone River

first fish - Cutthroat

Heartbreak - tip section #2 broken right at the ferrule joint.
This Brown Trout was on when the rod broke, but we still managed to land the fish broken tip and all.

fat Brown Trout

Stream side Lunch

last Brown of the day...


  1. Tom that's something that happens to most of us at one point in our fly fishing life, but it's usually with something store bought. Yours was a hand worked piece and I know it carries so much more meaning.
    As you repair it the thoughts of the time and the fish where it took place will bring a smile to your face.

    1. I'm sorry for the mistake, "Doug"

    2. Thanks Alan..... I hope to fix her up as good as can be. Ya it was a bit of a bummer but what can you do? The blank may have had a stress fracture or other defect I hadn't seen. A fly rods only job is to catch fish til they break, I guess.


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