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tying the Isonychia Nymph

More trip prep ~ tying of some Vinnie's Iso-nymphs.  I tied some with and without wire heads pictured below.  I'm starting to get excited about this trip in a couple of weeks even though it will be a short one, just two days.  But hey, two days with your son fly fishing, what could be better.  Scott is coming to the house this weekend and we will get all of our final plans made...  Should be fun and we've got to have better weather than last time, right?  So stay tuned...

Hook:  2x long nymph hook size 12 Thread:  Danville 6/0 black Tail:  3 peacock herls Abdomen: Iso DK#25 dubbing Ribbing (and Wire Head): Copper wire  Thorax: Iso DK#25 dubbing Wing Case: 3/8 inch section of turkey tail feather, folded so you have two layers. Legs: olive-brown hen back feather “V” cut

Iso Emerger...

I'm getting ready for an upcoming fly fishing trip to the Delaware River with my son Scott by tying a few Isonychia emergers.  
Matt Grobert's Iso-emerger is a simple and fun fly to tie.  The fly below is tied on a size #10 Allen scud hook with only three materials; zelon for the shuck, Iso custom blend DK#25 dubbing for the body and natural deer hair for the wings. I like to add a front hackle of brown grizzly as well to give the impression of legs.

fly tying & learning

I was having a little fun today, practicing some fly tying with Davie McPhail, even though Davie is in Scotland.  Isn't the internet wonderful?

see McPhail tie it here:

The Web
It's still amazing to me that I can sit at home and tie flies along with some of the very best fly-tiers in the world with just the push of a button.  Fly-tiers like; Davie McPhail, Matt Grobert, Tim Flagler, Oliver Edwards, Bob Jacklin, Craig Mathews as-well-as many other guides and fly-tiers from around the world sharing their skills and their favorite flies.  Most have freely given of their time and talents to produce these videos for us to enjoy and to learn from and ask nothing in return, hoping for only some kind comments as payment for their efforts.  Others are produced to try and sell us something like; new products, flies or tying equipment and that's fine by me too.  I want to know what's new and available to make my fly t…

video - Korn's Spent Wing Spruce Moth

If your going to fish out West - Don't leave home without them!
As always my video's are a little rough around the edges but, I hope you find it "good enough".

Hook: Dai-Riki #305 14 Thread: Serafil 200 tan or Uni 6/0-8/0  Rib: tag end of thread  Abdomen: DK #14 Spruce Moth dubbing or light tan Palmered hackle: honey or light ginger rooster, palmered front to back, trapped with tag end thread ribbed to eye, clipped short on top and bottom. Wing: 2 Salmon Favorelle hen chicken feathers (very light ginger), or buff pheasant feathers, tied in flat one on top of the other, 1 gape length longer than hook, tied behind eye then folded over to form the head and whip finished.  Varnish the head and 1/3 of the wing.
Special Note: My "Korn's Spent Wing Caddis" is tied the same way as the Spruce Moth see it here:

Various "Wire Heads" (PT, Copper John's)

...  folks have asked to see some variations so here's a few;

Note: all flies tied and photographed by Doug Korn