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Day of Rest?

Today was to be a "rest day" after yesterdays hike, but after eating lunch with Michelle in town, I just couldn't take it. So I headed to a little stretch of the Yellowstone River not far from town. In three hours I caught 7 fish and missed a few... Hot today with lots of rock hopping along the river's bank. The fish were a bit lazy with a slow bite.
Fly's - Korn's Split-tailed Hopper, tan and school bus yellow, Korn's Holiday Stone, BH Turkey Tail nymph, Graham's Cracker. Rod - Custom St. Croix by Dave Lewis 8'6" 5/6wt.

Blacktail Deer Creek, Hike, Falls & Fish...

Michelle wanted to hike into Blacktail Deer Creek to see the Falls today.... We've never been there. It's about a 7 mile round trip and I was game because I know there are some nice brook trout waters near the falls. So off we went.... 

Fly - UK Ausable Bomber
Rod - Shane Gray 6' 10" 3/4 wt.

Mountain Brookies

Michelle and I fished the high country in Yellowstone National Park today (8/27/18).... The mountain stream held some beautiful brook trout for us among it's awesome beauty.... To top it off, on the hike in we saw a lone black wolf, a big boy. I topped a rolling hill and spotted him coming our way at a hundred yards. I yelled at him and he turned and trotted the other way, we watched him for a while, quite a sight. It was Michelle's first time seeing a wolf in the wild...  We only used one fly today, the UK Ausable Bomber, yeah they work out West too... The photos tell the rest of the story.

Bamboo Fly Rod a Rebirth....

This past winter found me restoring a vintage Kingfisher bamboo fly rod... I posted progress of the work here on my blog. I completely stripped and then rebuilt this old cane rod to it's former glory. Well today, the circle is complete and the old girl caught 7 Yellowstone River trout this morning... I was very happy with the way the rod performed and enjoyed every minute of the hiking and fishing back in my old stomping grounds.... Here's a couple of photos...

Montana Bound!

My wife Michelle and I are heading West... back to Yellowstone Country... and Yes, there will be fishing, lots of fishing..... stay tuned.