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Turkey-tail Soft Hackle Nymph (Stone Fly Nymph)

Here's a great little variation of my Turkey-tail Nymph tied as a wet fly to imitate the stone flies that come off my home creek in early Spring... Dead drift it, then let it swing, then strip it in... Yeah it's a good one. Enjoy!

Hook: #14-16 1xl nymph hook
Thread: 8/0 Uni.
Tail and body: Turkey-tail fibers
Rib: Medium copper wire
Thorax: black dubbing of choice
Hackle: Turkey feather from the neck of the bird, 1-1/2 turns.

"Turkey on the Fly" - collecting fly tying materials...

On opening day of the NY state fall turkey season I was fortunate to take this beautiful adult hen turkey in the pouring rain..... None of it will go to waste.

All the meat will be eaten... in fact we already had Wild Turkey Chowder made with the legs from this bird.... Delicious!

The feathers from the wings will be used on arrows; the body, neck and tail feathers will be used to create, nymphs, wet flies and streamers for fly fishing.....

Kingfisher - Ferrule Repair

As some of you may remember I broke one of the tip sections of my recently rebuilt Kingfisher bamboo fly rod fishing out in Montana this summer...

See the "Broken Hearted" post here:;postID=7645821091392945748;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=10;src=postname

And if your interested in the total rebuild of this fly rod you can look back through the older posts and see those as well.

Today, I worked on the repair of that broken tip section...