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My version of the RS2 in PMD

The RS2 has always been a good producer for me... I tie them to represent many different Mayflies from Green Drakes to Trico's.  The only thing that changes is the color of the thorax and the size of the hook.

Hook: #1560 12-24, wet fly (1x long)
Thread: UTC 70 Wing: fluff from base of dun rooster or turkey feather Tail: pearl flash, tied split Abdomen: rusty brown dubbing, rabbit
Thorax: PMD dubbing, rabbit

DK#7 Special Trumpet Turkey Call

Here's my latest:

Red Oak
Delrin mouth piece
38 special brass

This trumpet has the slender shape and call tone that I have been striving for.  I really like the way this one came out.  Now I will try to replicate it and be consistent from call to call...

 thanks for taking a look.... Doug