My version of the RS2 in PMD

The RS2 has always been a good producer for me... I tie them to represent many different Mayflies from Green Drakes to Trico's.  The only thing that changes is the color of the thorax and the size of the hook.

Hook: #1560 12-24, wet fly (1x long)
Thread: UTC 70
Wing: fluff from base of dun rooster or turkey feather
Tail: pearl flash, tied split
Abdomen: rusty brown dubbing, rabbit

Thorax: PMD dubbing, rabbit


  1. Dear Doug,
    I'm from WNY, just ran across your site and greatly enjoy it. I ran into these RS2 flies out West, but never gave them much attention then. What is your preferred method of fishing these flies here in the East? I note that you tie your RS2 version on a wet fly hook. Also, your method of using wire to mimic the "bead head" effect is a "head slap", brilliant and simple.
    Old dog is learning some new tricks yet. Interesting site, well done. Regards, Dave L.

  2. thanks Dave for your comment... I fish the RS2 the same in the East as I do in the West, as a trailing/dropper fly 12 inches or so off of a dry or an emerger, during a hatch. I also my fish it wet and swing it as a hatching Mayfly.

  3. Interesting take for the RS2. I haven't been using the RS2s lately because I have been so busy, and I don't have much time to make flies. I also find it hard and tedious to tie RS2s or maybe I am just too lazy to do so :)


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