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Spoon #2 out of maple...

One more spoon...

Korn’s Green Lantern

This caddis imitation was inspired by two great flies.  The late Al Campbell’s SHWAPF (swept hackle wingless all purpose fly) and the Tellico  nymph of the Great Smokie Mountains.  I've been using it for about 10 years both East and West with great success...  Almost hate to let this one out of the bag, although we have been selling it at Parks Fly Shop in Gardiner, MT for the last four years or so.  Tie some up and give them a go... You'll be glad you did.

Hook: Daiichi 1550 #14-16 Bead: green glass bead 11/0 Thread: Serafil 200 or uni 8/0  Tail & Shellback: Fox Squirrel tail Note: trim tips, tie in by the tips behind the bead.  Wrap to the bend of hook, split stack; 1/3 for tail and 2/3’s for shellback and wing. Rib: heavy copper wire 28 gauge Abdomen: dubbing caddis green Shellback and Wing: fox squirrel tail pulled forward and tied off behind bead, then folded back for wing. Collar: loose dubbing.

Something different - a spoon!

No --- not a fishing spoon..... a wooden eating spoon....  At times I break out the woodcarving tools and do a little carving.  I was inspired by a fellow bushcrafter and spoon carver, Mike Barton on YouTube and decided to give it a try... In about an hour --- starting with a small log; I split out a blank and carved this spoon.  This will go in my pack for those cold days afield when I want to have a coffee or a quick meal.