Canyon at Slough Creek

I fished with some good Montana friends today, Jordan and Tito. They came up to the RV park and Michelle and I made them breakfast, my famous fried egg sandwiches. We got the map out and decided to fish the canyon section of Slough Creek from the Lamar River upstream to the lower meadow, a section none of us had ever fished before. We all caught a bunch of willing Rainbows and I caught one Cutt-bow... It was awesome to see the guys again. We had a great time and learned some new water.

Rainbow Trout

Lower Canyon Section Slough Creek

Cute-bow Trout

We finished at the Lower Meadow Section of Slough Creek

Wolf track

Jordan and Tito


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    1. We are blessed. I enjoyed my time guiding and making friends...

  2. A great adventure. I love Yellowstone. Wolves... not especially. =)

    1. A rare sight Wolves are ..... best enjoyed from a distance.... Although there is something great about seeing them on foot living free in the wild I do love.


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