EMT Loop Wing Emerger - green drake

I have been busy at the bench lately tying Green Drake EMT Loop Wing Emergers.  EMT stands for "Emerging Mayfly for Trout".   This fly is tied by several others including Craig Mathews and the late Dave Lewis.   I'm not sure who originated it, but this is my version.

I also did a little "practice" video with my new camera that I've attached.  This is raw un-edited video so keep that in mind.   http://youtu.be/wKG7Mc4ov_o

Enjoy tying some up, fish them with just some floatant on the hackle and foam.

Loop Wing in process...

A great fly anywhere you have drakes.  I tie them in green, brown and gray.  I even tie smaller versions for PMD's, BWO's, Hendrickson's, etc..

Materials List:
Hook: MFC 7026 or 7076 #12-14
Thread: Danville 6/0 - olive
Shuck: Needloft yarn - amber
Rib: Krystal Flash - rootbeer
Loop Wing: 2mm craft foam - gray
Hackle: Olive Grizzly, trimmed and v-cut on the bottom.

Completed EMT Loop Wing Emerger in green drake tied and photographed by Doug Korn

a Korn-u-copia of EMT's... if you will

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