Out for a "walk-a-bout".

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Hit the hardwoods here in NY today for a hike and some breakfast in the forest. It was 25 degrees with the snow a bit deeper than I had hoped as I had forgotten my snowshoes. I knew I would forget something... Anyway, I made my way through the 8-10 inches of snow into a nice valley out of the wind and along a nice little creek.

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I had gathered some cherry bark for fire starter and soon had a good little fire started.

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Cowboy Coffee and Skogkniv Oatmeal (that's oatmeal made with strong coffee)... 
Yeah it's really good!

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All and all a nice morning with six turkeys and one deer sighted as a bonus... Cheers!


  1. Oh my goodness. Oatmeal made with coffee? Two of my favorite things...I must try! Cheers.


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