EMT Loop Wing Emerger

What have I been tying lately?

EMT stands for "Emerging Mayfly for Trout". I tie this fly in three Drake colors and several sizes as well as smaller sizes for BWO and PMD emergers. The EMT Drake is my version of a foam loop emerger tied by several other people. (Craig Mathews at Blue Ribbon Flies and the late Dave Lewis, etc.)

The Loop Wing Emerger, as we call this fly at Parks fly Shop, has been a main-stay fly pattern for me when guiding and fishing in the Northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park. It’s a great pattern. When I tie my version of it I leave the foam head on it, giving it a little extra float and a nice big head..... When tying it for sale in the shop I trim the foam short and form a thread head, see the green drake below.

To fish the fly properly only grease the front hackle and foam loop. This allows the rear of the hook to penetrate the surface film.

Go tie some!

Gray Drake EMT

Hook: MFC #7076 12-14

Thread: Serafil 200

Shuck: gray zelon

Rib: Root Beer Pearl Flash

Abdomen: DK#19 Gray EMT dubbing

Wing: tan razor foam

Hackle: dun or grizzly, with bottom "V" clipped


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