Monday, January 30, 2012

FAOL feature my Korn's CDC Spent-wing Caddis as the FOTW

A short while ago I was encouraged by fellow FAOL forum members to submit a step-by-step of my Korn's CDC Spent-wing Caddis and the Parachute variation that I tie.  So I gathered up my meager photographic equipment and took some photo's of the tying process and sent it in.  Today they have posted it as the Fly Of The Week...

see it here:

Monday, January 23, 2012

Parks Fly Shop - Red Ass

Here's my version of an old fly that I still tie for Parks Fly Shop in Gardiner, MT located just outside the North entrance to the park.  It's a simple wet fly to tie.  Use it as a dropper or swing a pair of them through a nice run.  The brook trout in the park really like this fly, fished behind a Coachman Trude makes for a deadly combination.

Hook: MFC 7076, size 14-16
Thread: red danville
Tail: red yarn, needloft 
Body: peacock
Rib: gold wire
Hackle: grizzly hen soft hackle

Photographed and tied by Doug Korn

Friday, January 20, 2012

Leeches.. Yikes!

Leeches, really?
Have you ever run out of ideas, flies, to throw at that stubborn trout?  He's not moving much, not actively feeding?  Here's the deal --- throw him a leech!    Last year out West Michelle and I both caught our biggest trout on tandem rigs featuring two leeches.  We were fly fishing in the Northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park where the Cutthroats get lots of attention.  Both trout were stubborn and didn't want to play, they had seen it all in this heavily fished stream.  Until we gave them a leech to look at, bam fish on!  We cast them quartering upstream, let them dead drift, then swing and then strip them in slowly with short strokes.  When all else fails, give 'em leeches.

Photographed and tied by Doug Korn

 I tie simple leeches.  All you need is; a bead, hook and a piece of yarn.  Use some strong thread to hold it all together... brush and tease it out and you have your leech.  The best colors for out West; black, brown, olive and dark red... sizes 10-12.  Here in the East; pink, black, red and for some unknown reason yellow... sizes 12-14.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mid 50's Glass Rod

Yep, picked up a nice 1950's - 60's rebuilt fiberglass fly rod from Kevin Proctor, at Colorado Custom Fly Rods.

The original manufacturer of the rod is unknown, but I like the looks and feel of this rod.  Kevin stripped the blank and totally refurbished it with all new hardware, cork grip and nice maroon wraps.  I've been looking for a fiberglass 6 wt. in the 8-9 foot range and this one at 8' 6" should be fun to fish out West.  It's a no-nonsense fishing stick just the way us old guides like 'em.  I have two other old fiberglass fly rods that I fish occasionally, but they are collectors rods that are in such good original condition that I worry about using them.  This rod has been given new life by Kevin --- and will be fished hard by me!

Here are Kevin's photo's of the rod...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Korn’s Kandy (double bead)

Photographed and tied by Doug Korn

Tied "in the round" this color combination is killer for fall browns.  The "double K" can also be scaled down and tied in smaller sizes and colors, like  Golden Stones, etc.  

Hook: MFC 7026 in #4-6 
Beads: two copper brass beads (thorax bead one size smaller than bead head)
Thread: Black Uni 6/0
Tail & legs: cream solid med-large. rubber legs
Rib: optional, 28 gauge copper
Abdomen: black yarn 2 ply
Thorax: orange ice dub

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Korn's CDC Spent-wing Parachute Caddis

Korn's CDC Spent-wing Parachute Caddis ~ tied and photographed by Doug Korn

This parachute caddis fly is a variation of the Korn's CDC Spent-wing Caddis, seen here:

It makes a nice lead fly for the above standard CDC Spent-wing as that fly is not easy to see on the water... With the parachute this fly is easy to see and floats like a dream.

Hook: MFC 7000 #14
Thread: Uni-8/0 Camel
Body: tan type #1* CDC feather wrapped forward.
Wing: 2 hen pheasant feathers tied flat, with a small drop of head cement spread on top.
Post: white CDC type #3* puff feather on top of shank, fold in half and post up.
Hackle: one natural colored type #1 or  #4* CDC feather using the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool. 
Complete fly by trimming the post and the underside of the fly flat.

*as per CDC feather chart by Hans Weilenmann

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Korn's CDC Spent-wing Caddis

tied and photographed by Doug Korn

Materials List:
Hook: MFC 7000 #14
Thread: Uni-8/0 Camel
Body: tan CDC feather wrapped forward
Wing: 2 hen pheasant feathers tied flat and notched at tip, with a drop of head cement spread on top
Thorax: fox squirrel dubbing

CDC Pale Morning Dun, No-hackle

Tied and photographed by Doug Korn

Top view of split-tails

Materials list:
Hook: MFC 7000 Dry #14-18
Thread: 8/0 Uni - Rust Orange
Tails: 4 CDL feather barbs, tied in as split-tails
Body: PMD dubbing or to match the hatch
Wings: 2 CDC feathers
Thorax: fox squirrel dubbing

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

CDC & Foam Mayfly (Sulfur)

Eastern Spring Sulfurs ~ they will be here before you know it...

Tied and photographed by Doug Korn

Materials list:

Hook: MFC 7000 Dry #14-18
Thread: 8/0 Uni - Rust Orange
Tails: CDL split
Body: wrapped 1mm foam
Wings: 2 CDC feathers
Thorax: DK #9 Sulfur dubbing or similar
Legs: CDC wing butts folded back and trimmed

Note: change colors for: BWO, Flav's, PMD's, etc...