Korn's CDC Spent-wing Parachute Caddis

Korn's CDC Spent-wing Parachute Caddis ~ tied and photographed by Doug Korn

This parachute caddis fly is a variation of the Korn's CDC Spent-wing Caddis, seen here:

It makes a nice lead fly for the above standard CDC Spent-wing as that fly is not easy to see on the water... With the parachute this fly is easy to see and floats like a dream.

Hook: MFC 7000 #14
Thread: Uni-8/0 Camel
Body: tan type #1* CDC feather wrapped forward.
Wing: 2 hen pheasant feathers tied flat, with a small drop of head cement spread on top.
Post: white CDC type #3* puff feather on top of shank, fold in half and post up.
Hackle: one natural colored type #1 or  #4* CDC feather using the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool. 
Complete fly by trimming the post and the underside of the fly flat.

*as per CDC feather chart by Hans Weilenmann

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