tying the Isonychia Nymph

More trip prep ~ tying of some Vinnie's Iso-nymphs.  I tied some with and without wire heads pictured below.  I'm starting to get excited about this trip in a couple of weeks even though it will be a short one, just two days.  But hey, two days with your son fly fishing, what could be better.  Scott is coming to the house this weekend and we will get all of our final plans made...  Should be fun and we've got to have better weather than last time, right?  So stay tuned...

Vinnie's Isonychia Nymph...

top view

Wire Head Vinnie's Isonychia Nymph

Hook:  2x long nymph hook size 12
Thread:  Danville 6/0 black
Tail:  3 peacock herls
Abdomen: Iso DK#25 dubbing
Ribbing (and Wire Head): Copper wire 
Thorax: Iso DK#25 dubbing
Wing Case: 3/8 inch section of turkey tail feather, folded so you have two layers.
Legs: olive-brown hen back feather “V” cut


  1. Doug, I enjoy your blog , not only does vinnes iso work , but I know vinny and you couldn't know a nicer guy . Ps birdies tell me an iso wet drifted through the riffles can really get those rainbows attention .


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