Korn's (Blue Variation) WH Stone Fly Nymph

My friend Dave had lots of luck on Soda Butte Creek in YNP using an unknown blue mylar backed nymph.  It looked similar to my Wire Head Stone fly nymphs, so I just added the Mylar backing and a rib to that pattern.  I think it looks great and the nice thing is you can make them any color Sharpie you've got!  Yellow and Amber make nice Yellow Sally's and Golden Stonefly nymphs others include; olive, tan, black, purple, etc.

Thread: Danville 6/0 olive brown
Hook: Nymph 2xl #14 (#12-18)
Bead: gold 3.0 mm or Wire Head.
Rib: gold wire 24 gauge (med.)
Tail: and body: Turkey Tail
Shellback and wing case: Uni-Mylar 3/64" in Pearl and colored with blue Sharpie marker on both sides of the Mylar. After tying I brush super glue on the shellback and wing case to bring out the color even more.
Note: try other color markers too...


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