Am I crazy or what?

Today, I met my buddy Scott to have breakfast and to give him his rebuilt H&I fly rod... He really liked the way the rod came out and is looking forward to giving fly fishing a go.

On the way back home I made the mistake of stopping at an antique co-op to have a look around and found this 1940's Montague Flipline 9 footer, 3/1... The bamboo is in very good condition and the ferrules and reel seat are in perfect shape. It needs lots of work though; a new grip, stripping, refinishing and all new guides and a tip-top. I was so glad to finally finish up the other two old fly rods and now I turn right around 30 minutes later and buy another, crazy.... But for $20, I just could not pass it up.


  1. Yes sir..... not sure when I will start this one but we shall see......

  2. Came real close to picking up a 7'9" Tonka Queen recently. not a collectors, but a rebuild. really like the taper.

  3. Doug, crazy your not. While I'm not a rod builder or restorer I can appreciate those that do. Your work is awesome.
    Now crazy is buying another hen neck when you already have enough to last your lifetime.


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