Thursday, August 14, 2014

Korn’s Split-tail Salmon Fly (or Wrapped Body) Salmon Fly

This is a variation of my Korn's Wrapped Foam Hopper that I tie for Parks Fly Shop.  It makes a super Salmon fly and you can use the same pattern for Golden Stone flies as well.  I just change the hook to a size 8-10 and the foam over body to a golden yellow.  Out West it's a killer fly when the Salmon flies are hatching and in the East for the small Spring Black Stone flies. I just change the color and downsize them to size 12...

Hook: MFCo. 7026 4-6
Thread: black 6/0 Uni
Legs: MFC med. black legs
Underbody: orange craft foam wrapped
Over body: black or dark brown craft foam, hook gap wide with split-tail
Wing: deer tail hair
Indicator: orange craft foam

tie in back legs split
tie in underbody foam at eye extending out from hook
superglue thread base, wrap orange foam back to tail-legs
attach over body with 3 wraps at tail-legs, then loop thread over the top of the underbody to the eye (this way no wraps show and you can get the thread back to the eye
put superglue on the top back of the underbody and fold over body down and secure at the eye, then wrap back to form double bullet head
tie in wing of deer tail hair, glue butts, fold over foam to form bullet head and tie down
tie in legs and indicator post, keeping thread wraps to minimum.
whip finish, varnish

note: convert split-tail to egg sack variation if desired... see photo

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My version of the RS2 in PMD

The RS2 has always been a good producer for me... I tie them to represent many different Mayflies from Green Drakes to Trico's.  The only thing that changes is the color of the thorax and the size of the hook.

Hook: #1560 12-24, wet fly (1x long)
Thread: UTC 70
Wing: fluff from base of dun rooster or turkey feather
Tail: pearl flash, tied split
Abdomen: rusty brown dubbing, rabbit

Thorax: PMD dubbing, rabbit

DK#7 Special Trumpet Turkey Call

Here's my latest:

Red Oak
Delrin mouth piece
38 special brass

This trumpet has the slender shape and call tone that I have been striving for.  I really like the way this one came out.  Now I will try to replicate it and be consistent from call to call...

 thanks for taking a look.... Doug

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Trumpet #2

More practice on the lathe.  I turned this trumpet of Spalted Maple in a more classic style...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

more "talking turkey"

Hi folks, just thought I'd post a couple of photos of the first trumpet turkey call that I made yesterday on my lathe. I turned it out of red oak. It has a PEI mouth piece and a cork stopper.  She's a sweet talker!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Got turkey feathers?

May first found me in Cherry Creek, NY gathering some fly tying material.  Ben, Jim and I hunted for four days in the rain to take these fine gobblers.  I have plenty of tail feathers and secondary turkey rounds now, as I need to tie some more Korn's WH Turkey Tail Nymphs......
May 2nd ~ I took this gobbler with a Mossberg 12 ga. and Remington 3 1/2 inch mag.'s #5 shot @ 30 yards.

After taking the first bird I switched to my Grandfather's old Remington Sportsman in 16 gauge you don't see many of those these days.  I can remember my Grandfather using it to knock down a deer with a single shot one day as I stood by his side in Hemlock, NY many, many years ago when I was just 12 years old.  He shot a lot of deer and small game with this gun and it did a fine job for me too on this, my second gobbler...
Grandpa's Remington and a wet turkey.

May 4th ~ "Grandpa's Turkey".... taken at 17 yards with #5 shot...

My buddy Ben and his Cherry Creek gobbler also taken on May 4th.

Ben and I with our gobblers...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ben Jewell's Slough Creek Spinner a step-by-step

Ben Jewell's - Slough Creek Spinner
Fishing Yellowstone National Park's famous Slough Creek can be a real test of skill and fly fishing knowledge.  The Cutthroat trout are tough to catch and by mid-season have seen most every fly available.  Knowing a few key flies and how and when to fish them can make all the difference.

There are a few flies I would not be without on Slough, this is one of them.  That's why my fellow guide Ben named it as such.  Anytime you see a fly with a creeks name, and you are going to fish that creek....... Yeah, you're going to want some of those.

an average Slough Creek Cutt'y...

I enjoy tying this fly even though it has more materials than I like and they can be troublesome to manage.
Here you see wing bundles, each made up of white and dark gray Widow's Web and 2 strands of Krystal Flask.  Turkey rounds of Gray-olive biots are used to wrap the body and moose  body hair is spilt to form the tails.

using a size #12-14 dry fly hook with Danville Olive thread, tails formed and a biot at the ready for wrapping...

wrapping the biot forward with the rib exposed...

wings added with figure 8 wraps and thread dubbed with gray dubbing...

wrap the thorax with the dubbed thread using more figure 8's and then form the head and double whip finish...

a completed Jewell's Slough Creek Spinner.
I fish this fly in size #12 during the Green Drake hatch.  I fish it greased, 12 inches or so behind a EMT Green Drake Emerger as these spinners are tough to see on the water and the EMT acts as my indicator.  It's best fished to slow risers in quieter water.

Also, I like to feed them to difficult fish when nothing else seems to work by fishing them as a trailer without floatant as a drowned dun... this usually does the trick.