Tying the Found Link (by Kelly Galloup)

I really like this Mayfly pattern. I played around at the vise this morning and tied a few. Here's one I tied as a PMD on a #14 1xl dry fly hook. It doubles as a spinner and an upright winged Mayfly. The upright wing is also used as a sighter for us old guys and when viewed from the bottom it looks like a spinner.

Kelly's Video:
Thread: Roman Moser's Power Silk 10/0 (or Danville 6/0) Hook: Daiichi 1110 Tail: Light Pardo Whiting Coq de Leon  Body: Deer Hair Under Wing: Dun or Adams Gray Crinkled Z-Lon  Thorax: Super Fine Dubbing  Wing: Deer Hair

Biscuits and Venison Gravy...

I don't eat Breakfast but I do eat Breakfast for Lunch sometimes, like today... Homemade biscuits and gravy with ground venison.... Yeah it was $$$... if I do say so myself.


Well, I can't fish or tie flies.... So, with one hand tied behind my back so-to-speak, I made cornbread or should it be "Kornbread" for tonight's dinner with Mac-n-Cheese and veggies.... is it Summer yet?  

Ouch.... dummy....

Unfortunately I injured my ring finger on my right hand by cutting the tip of it off.. No, not in the workshop but in the kitchen cutting up chicken, of all things. I work with sharp tools all day and hurt myself in a moment of distraction using a butcher knife… 
It was a difficult day at Urgent Care and the treatment was worse than the injury, with nerve blocking shots and cauterizing, etc...
I will need to take a couple of weeks off, as I cannot work in the shop for a while. I just hope this heals up faster than they predict…. I need to be able to work with my hands, Doug.

Tan Stone...

Fly tying day today - Korn's Holiday Stone Fly Nymph, tan version....

Am I crazy or what?

Today, I met my buddy Scott to have breakfast and to give him his rebuilt H&I fly rod... He really liked the way the rod came out and is looking forward to giving fly fishing a go.

On the way back home I made the mistake of stopping at an antique co-op to have a look around and found this 1940's Montague Flipline 9 footer, 3/1... The bamboo is in very good condition and the ferrules and reel seat are in perfect shape. It needs lots of work though; a new grip, stripping, refinishing and all new guides and a tip-top. I was so glad to finally finish up the other two old fly rods and now I turn right around 30 minutes later and buy another, crazy.... But for $20, I just could not pass it up.

Busy day so far

and it's not lunch time yet...