Thursday, November 24, 2016

A couple of deer down....

My buddy Jim and I were lucky enough to take these two deer on a very snowy afternoon hunt in Western New York..... That's me with my doe and Jim with his 4 pointer. Some fine eating for sure.

One friend commented that we looked like a couple of hunters out of an old 1958 LL Bean Catalog..... and I think that's about as fine a compliment as you receive... Yeah, were a bit "old school"...

Oh and here's some of that fine eating ... 
Venison tenderloins and eggs for a hunters breakfast, a tradition with us.... 
We are very thankful for all we have: God, Family, Friends and everything "Good" in our lives!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

My fall turkey...

Hi folks, happy to report taking this fine old hen turkey this week in Cherry Creek, NY...
I called her in with a group of 12 other hens and Jenny's..... I used my own Custom built DKW Cherry Trumpet Call to bring her to the gun. Lots of; good eating, call making and fly tying material for the future...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Practice kit making with Willow...

Here's my bow drill kit and some practice, willow spindle and hearth board.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Rubbing two sticks together.... FIRE!

Something different today I have had this on my bucket list for a while..... I made friction fire today for the very first time!

Yeah baby.... decided to give it a go yesterday. I used pear wood and was unsuccessful. I could get smoke but did not get a good burning coal. 

Today, I tried basswood. I made a new spindle and hearth board and went to work. My goal was to just get a burning and sustainable coal.

Here she is my first coal.... using the bow drill.

Tools used.... for a second and then third coal..... on this one I had a tinder bundle waiting and ...

Yes sir, blew it to flame.... It was so cool to accomplish this goal.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

One and done!

I had just a couple of hours to fish this morning so I choose a section of the Yellowstone River close to Gardiner.  I was able to catch this Rainbow right-off-the-bat and then the wind came up big time. Gusting up river with a fury..... Casting was tough but getting a good drag free drift was even tougher.... I fished for an hour without a look from another fish and packed it in... Well hey, at least I did't get skunked...

Caught and released....

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wildlife & Wild Fires...

     We set out for an afternoon drive down through Lamar Valley to Barronette Peak to look for mountain goats.  Using the binoculars and spotting scope we were able to find and watch five goats.  There were two adults and three kids - a nice family.  It was amazing to see how high they were and the ease with which they moved around on the side of a stoney mountain.  We sadly did not get any photos since they would have been tiny white dots in the frame.
     As we came back through Lamar Valley we spotted a bald eagle.  Michelle went out for a closer look and was treated to a graceful fly over after leaving it's perch.

A huge bison on our way to Lamar Valley.

Just over the mountains from Lamar Valley is the Buffalo fire.

The flames were often visible and frequently shot up into the sky.  Smoke soon filled the Lamar Valley casting an eerie feel.

The view from our campsite is a bit smokey due to another fire near Fawn Pass.  As we ate dinner we noticed small bits of ash falling around us.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A morning drift with friends

Today I went on a float trip down the Yellowstone River with my guiding buddies. Both off these guys are guides for Parks Fly Shop as was I when I was guiding. In fact, Wilson took my place when I stopped guiding. So, it was fun to all fish together; talk, relax, laugh and even catch a few. And thats just what we did...... talked.... relaxed.... laughed and we all caught a few trout and lots of White fish. I regret not taking more photos but, we were too busy having fun... These guys are the best!

My good friends Wilson and Ben.

Wilson with a little Cutthroat.

Myself and Wilson.... taking a break....beautiful country and a beautiful day.