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Creek Report - April 29, 2010

"On The Fly" - one of the many brown trout to come to hand this morning on the creek. The fish were taking green weenies early and then when the sun warmed things up the Korn's Oatka Stone was the hot fly. I was fishing a size 16 KOS without an over-wing in the film behind a BWO in 16 so I could use it as an indicator fly. I never took one fish on the BWO they all took the stone. A great morning of fishing was had.

The Korn's Oatka Stone fly in action.

I fished a Grey's Streamflex 8' 6" 4wt. rod fitted with a Hardy reel.
Hope you can get out and catch some too!

Gearing up the Rig!

My wife Michelle and I got our 5th wheel out of storage and are getting her all cleaned up, flushed out and stocked up for a summer of fun. The RV will be my home base for most of my fishing putting me even closer to my home trout water here in NY.

This year I'm taking a little break from guiding at Parks Fly Shop in Gardiner, MT for our youngest sons graduation in May from Oswego State College and then I'll be in MT for July and August. The shop is still keeping me very busy with tons of fly tying orders to fill, so I'll be working my little fingers off throughout the summer trying to keep up!
I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer traveling and camping along the way, Dougie.

fish on the fly review

Here are some photo's from the last couple of outings. Key flies were the: green weenie, hendrickson emerger, cracker caddis, fireball and the Oatka stone... enjoy!

Korn's Oatka Stone Fly

Well folks, I fished again yesterday and took several nice brown trout on Oatka Creek which is about 45 minutes away from my home here in New York. We've been having a good little black stone fly hatch and this fly is just the ticket.

I developed this fly to fish Oatka Creek in April and May when these little black stone flies hatch. The fly only has 2 or 3 materials depending on how you tie it. It’s a versatile fly that works best as a trailing fly and can be fished with (dry) or without (emerger) “Frog’s Fanny” floatant. Used as a lead dry fly it can be hard to see on the water.

Variations include; cutting the CDC wing short for use as a nymph, adding a bead head, body and wing color, caddis variations minus the tail...

with over-wing

without over-wing


Hook: MFC #7000 dry fly std. #12-16 photo is 14
Thread: Uni 8/0 brown
Tail & body: Turkey tail feather 8-10 vanes, tied in at bend to form short tails. Then wrapped forward over superglue to form body to one eye length beh…