Turkey's down!

What a day of turkey hunting we had Friday 10/29/10. Myself, Jim and Ben hunted in Cherry Creek, NY. We hunted two big fields where we knew the birds were feeding and traveling. I took a nice hen in the morning from my Double Bull blind as a flock of 30+ birds came to feed in the buckwheat. Ben got his hen in the afternoon, she was one of 27 birds feeding in the picked corn field he was watching. It was a cold rainy day but it sure paid off! I can tie all the turkey tail nymphs I want now...

Jimmy and I with my bird.

Ben with his hen, a 52 yard shot, yes that's reaching out there!


  1. 52 yards! Nice shot and bird. Good for him

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. thanks Ryan, you guys have a nice blog, I'll be following along, Dougie.


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