Lark and Grey

Photographed and tied by Doug Korn

Materials List:
Hook: MFC 7000 Dry Fly #16 (#14-20)
Thread: Black or Yellow 8/0 Uni.
Wings: Teal or Mallard - folded and split, tied forward, then split and figure 8 thread through them.
Tail: Dry fly cape, Darbee Dun Grade 2, Badger spade hackle barbs
Body: PMD DK dubbing tied sparse
Hackle: Dry fly cape, Darbee Dun Grade 2, Badger, 3 wraps behind wings and 2-3 in front.


  1. Hard to be sure, but it looks like you also tie on a jvice??????

  2. Yes Byron, J-vice.... I am a featured fly-tyer on their web-site. IMHO it's the best vise out there and I have had my share.... The J-vice is my production tying vise... I have; a MP-Swiss Master Vise for travel and tube flies, an old Regal and a LAW vise for special occasions.....thanks for following - Doug.


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