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I was having a little fun today, practicing some fly tying with Davie McPhail, even though Davie is in Scotland.  Isn't the internet wonderful?

My tie of Davie McPhail's most recent creation, the Quilled River Diawl-Bach.
see McPhail tie it here:

The Web
It's still amazing to me that I can sit at home and tie flies along with some of the very best fly-tiers in the world with just the push of a button.  Fly-tiers like; Davie McPhail, Matt Grobert, Tim Flagler, Oliver Edwards, Bob Jacklin, Craig Mathews as-well-as many other guides and fly-tiers from around the world sharing their skills and their favorite flies.  Most have freely given of their time and talents to produce these videos for us to enjoy and to learn from and ask nothing in return, hoping for only some kind comments as payment for their efforts.  Others are produced to try and sell us something like; new products, flies or tying equipment and that's fine by me too.  I want to know what's new and available to make my fly tying better, so still I learn.  I watch, analyze and evaluate; the flies, the skills and the products demonstrated and then try and incorporate the best of them into my own fly tying and fishing.

Interactive blogs, websites and fly tying forums on the web are also a great source of information with fellow fly-tiers standing by, ready to step in and lend a hand with any fly tying question you may have.  All for free, amazing!

Beyond the Web
Seek out your local fly tying experts.  I first got excited about fly tying by watching a fly tying demonstration at a local fly shop put on by Carl Coleman and Jay Peck of Coleman's Fly Shop.  These guys are great fly tiers and they helped me to get started in fly tying many years ago.  More recently, I've been tying flies along side some of the best fly-tiers I know; Walter Wiese and Richard Parks of Parks Fly Shop in Gardiner, MT.  Designing and tying flies with these guys has been a joy.  With the exchange of ideas, techniques and methods on a day-to-day basis you just can't help but become a better fly-tier.  Check out your local Fly Fishing Shop, Sporting Goods store or Trout Unlimited group to see what they have to offer.

Let's not forget books and magazines of which I have many...

My thanks to all of you who have shared your skills and taught me how to be a better fly-tier, even if you never knew it...

Enjoy your tying and pass on what you've learned, pay it forward if you will.  That's what I'm trying to do...  It's my hope that you will find something here at "55 on the fly" that helps you become a better fly-tier.  

Thanks for looking in, Doug.


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