Garbage Bag Sulpher Mayfly

Jim Misiura ties a series of flies he calls his "Garbage Bag Series".  These are a group of flies featuring wings made of various plastic bags.  The bags are those of which I get my groceries in and other big box store purchases.  I saw his videos and was intrigued and decided to give them a try.  In the end, as you can see below, I think the wings worked very well.  Easy to do and I have grey, tan, white and green bags to try... I like 'em!

See Jim's "how to" video's on YouTube here: Garbage Bag Flies by Jim Misiura

I tied three variations of Sulphurs using tan garbage bags as wings on size #16 scud hooks.

PT tail, dubbed body and thorax and garbage bag wings - no hackle.

Same tie as the first fly only with a PT body as well as the tail.

Here I added a light ginger hackle... 


  1. Hola.

    el montaje sin Hackle te flota bien??

    Un saludo

    1. La mosca sin hackle es para Stillwaters. Para mover el agua añado hackle.

    2. In english: The fly without the hackle is for stillwaters. For moving water, add the hackle.

  2. Hi Doug, Thanks for the kind words. It's greatly apreciated! I like your version with the light hackle.


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