Garbage Bag Sulpher Mayfly

Jim Misiura ties a series of flies he calls his "Garbage Bag Series".  These are a group of flies featuring wings made of various plastic bags.  The bags are those of which I get my groceries in and other big box store purchases.  I saw his videos and was intrigued and decided to give them a try.  In the end, as you can see below, I think the wings worked very well.  Easy to do and I have grey, tan, white and green bags to try... I like 'em!

See Jim's "how to" video's on YouTube here: Garbage Bag Flies by Jim Misiura

I tied three variations of Sulphurs using tan garbage bags as wings on size #16 scud hooks.

PT tail, dubbed body and thorax and garbage bag wings - no hackle.

Same tie as the first fly only with a PT body as well as the tail.

Here I added a light ginger hackle... 

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