March Brown's ~ the time is coming!

Korn's EMT Loop Wing Emerger is my version of a foam loop emerger tied by several other people,  like Blue Ribbon Flies Craig Mathews and the late Dave Lewis, to name a couple.

EMT stands for "Emerging Mayfly for Trout".  I tie this fly in three drake colors as-well-as several other colors like this March Brown and smaller sizes for BWO's and PMD's.  To fish the fly properly only grease the front hackle and foam loop.  This allows the rear of the hook to penetrate the surface film. You can also see my video on YouTube (see the side bar) to tie this very effective fly pattern.

tied and photographed by Doug Korn

Hook: MFC #7000 in size 12
Thread: Danville 6/0 brown/olive
Shuck: brown zelon 
Rib: brown floss 
Abdomen: hares ear tan dubbing
Wing: gray razor foam 
Hackle: light bronze grizzly


  1. Me encanta éste montaje.

    Te felicito.


  2. mi agradecimiento por sus amables comentarios, Doug.


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